Sametime Gateway: ICQ awareness

Since several weeks the connection to the ICQ network (via AOL clearinghouse) through Lotus IBM Sametime Gateway seems not to be working anymore.

The probable reason is, that ICQ has been sold to Digital Sky Technologies (DST) one year ago and does no longer belong to the AOL network.

As far as I know, IBM is already in contact with AOL and is waiting for an official statement – hopefully a good one ;-)

SEP, Sametime Gateway and Yahoo

If you use Symantec Endpoint Protection to protect your IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway, the awareness for Yahoo users may not work for the time being, but AOL, Google and other Sametime communities are working correctly.

The reason for this may be the Symantec Intrusion Prevention which detects a “Telnet SoftEther VPN Software” coming from a Yahoo Gateway IP address.

SEP Warning

As documented here it might be a false positive.

This signature might false positive if any other application attempts SSL-style handshake on a Telnet port. Currently this behavior is thought to be restricted to SoftEther.

Disabling this rule in the SEP configuration will (temporarily) solve the issue, but of course, no guarantee that it is not an attack ;-)