Yahoo! and Sametime Integration – My Summary

I just took part at the IBM Webcast: “IBM Sametime Client Yahoo! Integration feature” and as expected, I am a bit disappointed about the replacement of the Sametime Gateway connection to Yahoo!

This is what I took out of the presentation:

  • Yahoo! will discontinue the gateway service at the end of June 2011
  • IBM provides a simple Lotus Notes sidebar and Sametime plugin, which will work beginning with Lotus Notes 8.5.1 and Sametime 8.0.2
  • the plugin will only support text and awareness, NO file transfer, no richtext, no images, nothing
  • Yahoo! will be listed as additional community
  • each user needs a personal Yahoo! account
  • direct access to Yahoo! servers on port 80 and 443 is required, NO proxy connections are supported due to Yahoo! API restrictions
  • additional Communities must be allowed in the policies, but there will probably an option to explicitly allow the Yahoo! community in a future release

My conclusion:

The plugin is not really a replacement, it’s more or less only a workaround for special users who must communicate with Yahoo! users. In my opinion, the sticking point will be the missing proxy functionality, the personal accounts and the lack of centralized management and control (e.g. server side chat logging)

The presentation (and I guess the recorded call soon) can be found here.

Note: This post is not against IBM and the plugin, IBM only tries to find an  acceptable solution for Yahoo!’s decision to stop the service.

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