Lotus Quickr: Round-trip editing without Quickr Connector

Since Lotus Quickr 8.5 the round-trip editing feature is no longer available if you do not have the Lotus Quickr Connector installed, but IBM provides a documentation how to enable the “old-style” round-trip editing.

-> Lotus Quickr Wiki: Enabling round-trip editing in IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino without using Quickr Connectors

This works well, except for one stumbling stock – the maximum allowed file size for uploads is restricted to 50 MB. This restriction is hardcoded in two javascript files:

“<datadir>\\domino\\html\\qphtml\\skins\\qext\\page\\field\\attachments_activex.js” and


To change the 50 MB limitation search for

“<param name=”General_MaxFileSize” value=”500000″/>”

in both files and adjust the value for your needs.

Restart the http task and be happy.

Sametime Gateway: ICQ awareness *updated*

Two weeks ago I already assumed that the outage of ICQ awareness through the Sametime Gateway connection has to do with the disposal of ICQ to DST one year ago.

Unfortunately, I was right – since June 10, 2011 ICQ does no longer belong to the AOL network and therefore it is no longer reachable through AOL clearinghouse. Originally the disconnection of both networks was supposed to be scheduled for December 4, 2010, but then delayed for 6 month.

To summarize: No more ICQ through IBM Sametime Gateway.

I don’t remember any announcement like IBM did with Yahoo, where they announced that Yahoo discontinues the gateway service at the end of June 2011 (btw, it still works).