Lotus Quickr: Language of policy warnings

A huge improvment of Quickr 8.5 services for Domino is the multilingual user interface, but if you use place policies to manage the size and usage of your places you should remember the following:

The default policy subject and text is created in the language which the respective administrator used to create the policy. While you can edit the text to your preferred language, you cannot edit the subject, i.e., that users may receive emails with a “Warning” or “Locked” subject in a language which they don’t understand.

To change the subject language you either re-create the policy with the correct browser language settings or you edit the policy document directly in the placecatalog.nsf.

Solution for default browser issue in LN 8.x Standard

Since Lotus Notes 8 (Standard Version) the client does not recognize the browser settings in the location documents, but uses the settings from the client preferences.

Basic client (location document settings):

Standard client (client preferences):

Under certain circumstances (I have no idea why) if a user changes the OS default browser to Mozilla Firefox and then back to Internet Explorer, the client does not recognize Internet Explorer as the OS default browser and still starts Firefox when clicking on a link or entering a web address in Lotus Notes.

It does not help, to set the default browser again or uninstall Firefox. Even re-installing Lotus Notes will not fix the issue.

The secret is in the Windows registry…


IBM Connections: Who connects Us widget

There is a “nice-to-have” widget in IBM Connections which is called “Who connects Us”. It calculates the path between two employees and shows what they share.

Who Connects Us Widget

Who Connects Us

The widget is enabled by default, but in my two Connections environments (development and production) it did not work at all, but it showed an error message instead.

To make this widget working, I had to install the following iFix: LO58234 / USERS WHO HAVE RECEIVED INVITATIONS TO CONNECT FROM DYK WIDGET, NOT FILTERED OUT FROM DYK FEED

Although, there is nothing about the Who Connects Us widget in the iFix description, the widget is working fine after installing the iFix and rebuilding the search index.